Since the 1990s, Spotlight 29 Casino has been a huge success. The Casino includes something for every visitor, including restaurants, music, dancing venues, and Las Vegas style entertainment.  The Tribe’s General Council and Business Council manage the casino and other investments, but the tribal leadership also supports cultural projects such as the Native American Land Conservancy, Theresa A. Mike Scholarship Fund, and the Salt Song Project to preserve ancient tribal songs that they share with other Southern Paiute.  Most recently, the tribe has sponsored the California Indian Nations College, the first tribal college of California that will serve Native Americans of Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Western Arizona.  The tribe has won awards for its Tribal Environmental Program and boasts a robust Program in Cultural Resources Management.  The Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians is one of the most progressive and far-thinking Indian nations in the United States, and the membership prides itself on financially supporting a number of worthy causes.  Today, the tribe is a leader in business and philanthropy.  Members of the Twenty-Nine Palms Tribe treasure their history and heritage as sovereign tribal people, while looking forward to a bright and productive future as an American Indian nation.

4th of July event at Tortoise Rock Casino!

The Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians proudly commemorates our

Veterans in partnership with MCCS Twenty-Nine Palms. Special thank you  

Darrel Mike and other local dignitaries in attendance such as:


  • Third District Supervisor – Dawn Rowe

  • Councilmember O’Gilvie

  • Councilmember Wright 

  • Joel Klink, Mayor – Twentynine Palms

  • Frank Luckino, City Manager – Twentynine Palms

  • Kimberly Pope, Community Affairs – 29 Palms Marine Base


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